Green Goals is a project whose mission is to reduce greenhouse gases through an interactive website promoting green behavior commitments to a broad spectrum of Americans. Using new opportunities presented by online social networking, the project empowers ordinary citizens, especially those who are new to “going green,” to take informed, effective action, joining teams and improving local communities in pursuit of sustainable lifestyles.

Using social, environmental, and psychological research, Our Green Goals helps bridge the gap between concern and action.

ZachZach Fried, Executive Director, has a Master’s Degree in Resource Policy and Behavior from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment, with a concentration in Environmental Psychology. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College. Zach’s business background includes graphic and web design, and sustainability and technology consulting.


MCMarie-Christine Razaire, Director of Operations, has a B.S. from McGill University in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences with a Minor in Environment. Her professional background includes natural catastrophe modeling and risk analysis in the insurance industry. In the past, she has been a coordinator for a nationwide green jobs training program and has researched the impacts of rising CO2 levels on the oceanic carbon cycle.


BenBen Rosenblum, Senior Advisor,  is a LEED-accredited architect and designer, whose recent work includes occupant behavior studies at the Center for the Built Environment (CBE), and energy dashboard research. Ben has over ten years’ experience in the building and design industries, providing a variety of sustainable solutions. He has a Master of Architecture degree from the Yale School of Architecture and a Master of Science in Architecture concentrating in Building Science and Sustainability from UC Berkeley.


We’re a Guidestar Silver Participant          Our 501(c)(3) Designation

Project Background:
The science is now clear that drastic cuts in carbon emissions, as much as 80% by the year 2050, must be made. While Americans are very concerned about the climate crisis, they are often unsure how to make effective personal decisions to benefit the environment. How do we know humans are causing climate change?