Upon browsing the finished website, visitors will find previews of behavioral commitments as well as summaries to achieving them before signing up. After selecting among a list of specifics, participants are given pledges and other proven encouragement methods, plus a print-friendly guide to performing chosen behaviors.

Options include energy efficiency, alternative transportation, renewable energy, resource reduction, food, and other consumer choices, both singular and ongoing, presented in effective, yet uncomplicated ways. Users of all ages are encouraged to invite friends, family, colleagues and neighbors, allowing team formation and mutual support in achieving goals.

By using a web-based interface with supporting materials delivered electronically, the organization can reach many people and sustain operations for years at relatively little cost. Surveys and other follow-ups via email track participants’ success and can provide encouragement and support.

The website will be promoted through the internet, social networking sites, press releases, and businesses who offer the service to their employees.

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